Wednesday, October 3, 2007

week three blog

Part One,RNWG:2004-44,RNWG:en%26sa%3DN

1)The Jokes Over is basically about ralph steadmans relationship with hunter s thompson. All the things they went through while working together. Ralph wrote this after hunters death in 2005.

each chapter is about different projects they worked on. With different projects came different trips to different places. they go through a wide range of things. In the chapter im on now, hunters then wife explains ralph and hunters relationship. saying the love each other and work so well together because they balance eachother out. and have similar senses of humor.

2) Ralph steadman is a cartoon artist born in 1936. attended graphic design schools has alot of different projects. He worked moslty with hunter s thompson on books and movies. Most famous being fear and loathing in las vegas. He has worked for many newspapers and magazines. Illustraded famous books like alice in wonderland and animal farm.

Wikipedia, Research: Ralph Steadman.
Part Two
I really enjoy the book im reading. It has to do with "gonzo" which i really enjoy reading about. its a lifestyle, i dont knwo much a bout it but reading about it has made me think alot about the lifestyle i lead. I really like Fear and loathing in las vegas its one of my favorite movies and i love the pictures in that book, so reading about the people that made it all is fun for me. I never want to stop reading this. I especially like the language. it is english but the words he uses are...actually the best way to describe them are loaded words the make me think and help me picture what he is trying to say. the adventures these two have together are amazing. to constantly be traveling and drinking and doing drugs and writting/ drawing for all these different things. Its insane. Parts of the book talk about how Ralph is more innocent then Hunter in terms of personallity. I personally think hunter is crazy from what i have read but thats what i like about this book. its about one crazy person and his lifetime friedn who is in fact even crazier. I love this book alot.

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