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Section 2 Summary

Section 2 Summary
Chapter 5-9 Pg. 66-136

This Section is about a mix of things. The fifth chapter is about how Hunter Thompson convinces Rolling Stone That Ralph is the only one that can draw for him. which leads to Ralph drawing the pictures for the book Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Which I havent read but i loved the movie and the book is on my list to read. The sixth chapter is about Ralph accompanying Hunter in Washington to illustrate his writting in rolling stone for one year. But near the end of the chapter Ralph ends up going home and working on the magazine from england. which is weird because the day i read this chapter a Rolling Stone came in the mail with Hunter S. Thompson on the cover. The seventh and eigth chapter are about ralph working alone in america for the first time without hunter. he is with his wife anna.

I really like this book. I enjoy hunter s thompson and i like the drawings ralp does. There are alot of hunter s. thompson books on my list to read.

Loaded Words

Loaded Words: Pg. 1-65
To me loaded word are words that help you picture things and make you think, which is the way I completed this assignment.
1)Excrement. Pg. 7
Excrement is a loaded word because its completely disgusting. But its also a nice way of saying poop which is why I think the author chose it. it’s a nicer way to say it but its still a loaded word.
2)Anxiety. Pg. 9
The word anxiety strikes fear in me, which is why I chose it for a loaded word. I think the author used it because everyone knows what it is and most of us have it.
3)Righteous. Pg. 10
I chose this word because there is a scene in a movie where this guy is surfing and a gigantic tsunami wave comes and he says righteous so to me it’s a very loaded word because I always think of tsunami when I hear the word. I think the author used it just because its such a good word. It has a lot of power behind it.
4)Arthritic. Pg. 12
Arthritic is describing fingers in the sentence and it really helped me picture the person which is why I chose it and I think the author chose it because it’s a good describing word.
5)Intimidated. Pg. 13
This word just scares me no matter the context its used in.
6)Sufficiently. Pg. 23
Sufficiently is a good word. When I hear it, I think if accomplishing a lot and it makes me feel good. The author used it because there isn’t really another good way to describe what sufficiently means.
7)Frenzied. Pg. 27
Frenzied reminds me of craziness like a circus or something. With lots of Panic. I think the author used it because it’s a good describing word.
8) Marvelous. Pg. 28
Marvelous seems like a really fancy word that sophisticated people use. I think the author chose it because it’s a powerful word and a really good adjective.
9)Alarming. Pg. 31
Alarming reminds me of airport security and lots of panic. The word makes you stop. Its got that much behind it. The author used it because there’s no other way to describe the situation in the book.
10)Monumental. Pg. 44
There Is nothing bigger then monumental. It really helps you picture what the author is talking about and I think that’s why he used it.


The Jokes Over
Ralph Steadman

Week One: 1-65
Week Two: 66-136
Week Three: 137-205
Week Four: 206-274
Week Five: 276-337
Week Six: 338-387 (end)

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2. Wayne Coyne

3. Creating YOur Own Happiness

4. This Essay is about people being able to control their happiness.

5.But everything turned out alright. A lot of people look at life as a series of miserable tasks but after that, I didn’t.

I assumed things were all bad for them, but they weren’t and I understood we all have the power to make moments of happiness happen.

6. Happiness is not a situation to be longed for, or a convergence of lucky happenstance. Through the power of our own minds, we can help ourselves. This I believe.