Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Outside Reading: Post Two

Post A

Sparingly Pg. 52:scanty; limited.

Mangy Pg. 81:squalid; shabby.

Each chapter is a different story.***
Going along with the them of the book i think the theme of this particular story is the main character is really unsure of himself and throughout the chapter he gets really shy and self conscious.

Post B
Some of the stories are extremly hard to follow. They jump around alot, it gets confusing. This book is harder to reflect on because i cant get used to one authors style. But this current story is really confusing, its constantly going back and forth from periods of time without warning, like sentence by sentence.

Debate Blog

Parents vs. Sons/Daughters
Occur anywhere, mostly in their home
The purpose is so each person can get their point across
It helps the parent arrive at a better decision cause they usaully "win" no madder what.
Because it is unstructured usually the parent gets their way.
Plaintiff vs. Defendant
A court room.
The purpoes is for two people to decide who is at fault in a situation.
Usually but the justice system is hardly ever fair.
There are people who werent involved in the situation helping make the final decision, it helps things to be more equal, for example: each side is heard.
Friends vs. Friends/People vs. People/Sibling vs. Sibling
Two opposing sides that both think their right.
A better decision is not often reached. Both sides think their right until one is proven wrong.
It can be both stuctured and unstructured. Structured:Mediator, Unstructured: just 2 people fighting.
It doesnt really effect the decision.

Monday, November 19, 2007

outside reading qtr 2: post one

Post A
Bohemians pg. 1: A person with artistic or literary interests who disregards conventional standards of behavior.

Indignation pg. 22: strong displeasure at something considered unjust, offensive, insulting, or base; righteous anger.

The running theme so far and i think it will continue is authors stories about the main, most important parts of their life and what the learned or gained from them.

Post B
This book is a universal way of dealing with problems. Its numerous stories that people wrote about experiences, that other people can relate to. I think the title "The worst years of your life" is kind of a way of making fun of itself, saying that everyone experiences similar things while growing up and once you do grow up its not as bad as you always thought it was. For example chapter 4 is called "Note To Sixth Grade Self". Its explaining what happened in a letter written to and by the author. I think its a way of dealing with what happened. It states that its 2o years later, and the writer can remember every last detail of this part of her life, how she felt that it was the worst time of her life and thinking about it now she realizes it wasn't so horrible, she learned from it and now shes writing about it. Its not like these are life changing events. To me its the little things that at the time seem like the end of the world and then turnout to be the small, yet important in that you learn from them.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Outside Reading Quarter Two: Book Two

The Worst Years of Your Life
Edited By: Mark Jude Poirier
Copyright 2007
375 pages
The book seems like its written about highschool students, its pretty long but the text is pretty big. I chose this book because i read about it in a magazine book review and it looked interesting. i also like the cover.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Outside Reading 2nd Quarter

Tracy Lynn
260 pgs.
Im not sure if this book is sufficiently challenging. It is about a high school student and problems thatsome students may be facing.
I chose this book becuase i found it on the bus over the summer, it fit the publishing dates and my friend said she liked it and recommended i read it.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Sea Inside

Part One
My opinion on beinglegally able to comite suicide is that its a persons choice. Its there life. Anyone who tries to stop them is really just being selfish, people claim life is so great and should be appreciated but if its a persons wish to die you should respect their wishes. Each person is in charge of their own life.

Part Two
This director uses alot of close ups to convey emotions. Also in the last few scenes, the one were Ramon is talking about why he is comitting suicide it starts as a close up and dollys backward to say he is pretty much alone and his decision is final. In one of the very last scenes the director uses juxtaposition of Ramon laying in his bed dead and a shot of him floating in the water which to me means its the same. Ramon feels he should have died that day and after 28 some years he is getting his wish.

Part Three
In relation to Diving Bell and the Butterfly, the two are similar but completly different. Ramon was able to do so much more then Bauby. It almost seems that roles should be reversed; Bauby with the death wish. Because he was so limited, Ramon could atleast talk and laugh and share with his loved ones. Both situations make me think and appreciate everything i have and how it could be gone at any minute. Its also amazing to me that both people who couldnt do anything for themselves at all wrote books. If i were in that position im not sure i would have anything along the lines of a book accomplished but ive also never experienced something like that.

Outside Reading:Final

This is my favorite part of the book.The final section of The jokes Over, Hunter goes on trial for drug and explosives charges. Ralph has to testify. Ralph makes a big scene when asked how he met Hunter he says he was completly infatuated with him at first sight and smears lipstick all over him. Hunter was found not guilty. This is also a very sad section and most important, Hunter comites suicide. The rest is basically a letter Ralph worte after he died. Talking about the recent 2004 election, hunters suicide and the effects of his suicide. Some Questions he has and he ends with this:"But you leave us with a blue print, ole spert. Take it up with the gods. Send word. Ralph" which i thought was almost like ralph understood hunter did what he had to do and was not okay with it but dealing with it in a way hunter would have wanted.

Part Two
I chose the optional assignment.

i tried posting my thinking maps tonight but it didnt work. But i really am done.