Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Outside Reading:Final

This is my favorite part of the book.The final section of The jokes Over, Hunter goes on trial for drug and explosives charges. Ralph has to testify. Ralph makes a big scene when asked how he met Hunter he says he was completly infatuated with him at first sight and smears lipstick all over him. Hunter was found not guilty. This is also a very sad section and most important, Hunter comites suicide. The rest is basically a letter Ralph worte after he died. Talking about the recent 2004 election, hunters suicide and the effects of his suicide. Some Questions he has and he ends with this:"But you leave us with a blue print, ole spert. Take it up with the gods. Send word. Ralph" which i thought was almost like ralph understood hunter did what he had to do and was not okay with it but dealing with it in a way hunter would have wanted.

Part Two
I chose the optional assignment.

i tried posting my thinking maps tonight but it didnt work. But i really am done.

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