Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Sea Inside

Part One
My opinion on beinglegally able to comite suicide is that its a persons choice. Its there life. Anyone who tries to stop them is really just being selfish, people claim life is so great and should be appreciated but if its a persons wish to die you should respect their wishes. Each person is in charge of their own life.

Part Two
This director uses alot of close ups to convey emotions. Also in the last few scenes, the one were Ramon is talking about why he is comitting suicide it starts as a close up and dollys backward to say he is pretty much alone and his decision is final. In one of the very last scenes the director uses juxtaposition of Ramon laying in his bed dead and a shot of him floating in the water which to me means its the same. Ramon feels he should have died that day and after 28 some years he is getting his wish.

Part Three
In relation to Diving Bell and the Butterfly, the two are similar but completly different. Ramon was able to do so much more then Bauby. It almost seems that roles should be reversed; Bauby with the death wish. Because he was so limited, Ramon could atleast talk and laugh and share with his loved ones. Both situations make me think and appreciate everything i have and how it could be gone at any minute. Its also amazing to me that both people who couldnt do anything for themselves at all wrote books. If i were in that position im not sure i would have anything along the lines of a book accomplished but ive also never experienced something like that.

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