Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Debate Blog

Parents vs. Sons/Daughters
Occur anywhere, mostly in their home
The purpose is so each person can get their point across
It helps the parent arrive at a better decision cause they usaully "win" no madder what.
Because it is unstructured usually the parent gets their way.
Plaintiff vs. Defendant
A court room.
The purpoes is for two people to decide who is at fault in a situation.
Usually but the justice system is hardly ever fair.
There are people who werent involved in the situation helping make the final decision, it helps things to be more equal, for example: each side is heard.
Friends vs. Friends/People vs. People/Sibling vs. Sibling
Two opposing sides that both think their right.
A better decision is not often reached. Both sides think their right until one is proven wrong.
It can be both stuctured and unstructured. Structured:Mediator, Unstructured: just 2 people fighting.
It doesnt really effect the decision.

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